Betty Telford Photograph

2017 William C. Hine Distinguished Service Awardee Betty Telford

The William C. Hine Distinguished Service Award honors chapter councilors for their commitment to promoting lifelong learning, dedication to serving adult learners, and leadership to the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society.

“I joined the staff at Salem College in 2007 and have held a variety of positions. From the early days at Salem I well remember the first induction and the establishment of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter, Chi Nu. I had been invited by several students being inducted and the initial membership was 8 students. Quickly the adult students learned the value of membership and invitations to join were coveted. By 2010, I volunteered to take over the duties of chapter adviser, planning two induction services each year, providing opportunities to expand leadership skills for members and educate the adult population and faculty on the value of membership.” – Betty Telford

Learn more about the William C.Hine Distinguished Service Award.

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  • Jenny Stack

    Yay Betty! My mentor and friend, I’m so happy for you! It’s an award that is well deserved. Congrats!

    • Betty Telford

      Jenny, You are kind and yes, I continue to love the work I do. BT

  • Suzanne Williams

    Yeah, Betty! What great memories I have of us and our ASL Chapter at Salem College!

  • Tiffany Walton

    Well deserved!

  • Kim Dobesh

    Congratulations, Dean Telford! You deserve it! You are an inspiration to all adult students at Salem College.

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