75 Years of Celebrating Student Scholarship and Excellence 

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society is celebrating 75 years of scholarship and excellence! Here is a look at what we have accomplished!

  • In 1985, Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society (ASLHS) awarded three (3) scholarships for a total of $1500.  In 2021, ASLHS awarded five (5) $3000 scholarships and fifteen (15) $2500 scholarships for a total of $52,500. 

  • To date, ASLHS Honor Society has awarded 303 scholarships for a total amount of $508,900. Each year, it is our goal to increase the number of scholarships each year.

  • ASLHS has partnered with over 560 colleges and institutions throughout the United States. 

  • ASLHS has currently recognized 104,464+ adult learners for their outstanding achievements in higher education.  

  • Alpha Sigma Lambda online community includes 15,992 people across social media platforms. 

Since 1996, the ASLHS Home Office has been located on the campus of Eastern Illinois University in Central Illinois.  The home office consists of one (1) full time and one (1) full-time employee who provide customer service to ASLHS chapter and student members.   ASLHS currently has nine (9) board members that reside throughout the United States.  Our voluntary board members are passionate about ASLHS and the adult learner.

In honor of our 75th Anniversary we asked our board members to share what Alpha Sigma Lambda means to them and if they could share some favorite moments. 

Shelley Hintz | Society President

Shelly has served for 3.5 years as a board member, and even longer as chapter councilor.

“Alpha Sigma Lambda means recognizing the sacrifices adult students make in order to prioritize their education. Meeting like-minded professionals from other institutions who have the same goals of recognizing adult students…I also appreciate how ASL provides scholarship opportunities to adult students. It is rewarding to hear the student stories from the scholarship winners. Also, it is rewarding to see students post on the social media groups their pride as they receive their certificates and then again when they graduate.” 

Bob Charlebois

Director of Adult Learner Services | 2 Years of service 

“ASLHS gives the University of South Alabama a great opportunity to recognize our adult population and celebrate their great academic achievement.  As a university that is predominantly focused on traditional students, it is great to have an organization for adult students…Unfortunately, covid has prevented us from holding induction ceremonies in person but it is always great to receive email from invited students who are so excited about the recognition of all of their hard efforts” 

Maria R. Altobello

Treasurer | 4 Years of Service 

“Alpha Sigma Lambda recognizes academically outstanding adult students in higher education.  As a member of the Board of Directors, I am able to act on my passion of assisting students as they navigate their way towards graduation by providing access to and exploring opportunities. Reading the scholarship applications is my favorite activity.  Through the applicants’ essays, I see the power the Association has to impact the lives of those who strive for upward mobility.  Their stories are eye opening and inspiring.”

Elizabeth Pack

Chapter Councilor and Secretary of Board of Directors | 4 Years of Service 

“Passion for adults pursuing higher education; affirmation and recognition of their valiant efforts…My favorite moments have to be the induction services to the honor society.  It is a privilege being a part of such an important moment in the lives of our students. Serving as secretary for the board of directors has also been a great experience thus far.  I have been blessed by the collegiality and shared passion for adult students. The dedication to the work to support and recognize adult students is impressive.”

Guy D’Onofrio

Asset Manager and Assistant Executive Director | 29 years of Service 

“I was inducted into Alpha Sigma Lambda Eta Chapter as a student at Drexel University over 40 years ago. It was very meaningful to me to receive this recognition as I was involved in leadership roles in various student activities at Drexel while maintaining the grades to achieve Highest Honors at graduation! I was delighted to be asked to join the Alpha Sigma Lambda Foundation Board in 1992 at the request of then Board member Dean Stanley Gwiazda of Drexel University. I served as Treasurer for the Foundation, overseeing the Scholarship Fund, until it merged with the Society in 2007.  My most favorite moment was 10 years ago when I was asked Dr. Patricia Brown, the Society’s president at that time, to induct her into Alpha Sigma Lambda! I am looking forward to continuing my service to the Board and working with the Officers and fellow Board members in keeping our Scholarship program going strong!” 

Penny Gaskins

Vice President | 6 years in service

“I took that first step to return to school after 35 years, but did I have what it took to make it? I forged through and it was difficult. There were times I felt like I was a fish out of water. Here I was a woman in her 50s going to school with kids that could have been my children or grandchildren. I remember when the local chapter counselor of the Alpha Sigma Lambda emailed me and invited me to join. I thought it was a joke. They must have made some type of mistake, there was no way that I was worthy to be invited to join. I went to the induction ceremony and did not tell anyone in my family. I was so scared that they were going to tell me they had made a mistake and I did not want my family to be embarrassed when my name was not called. When I was inducted, I knew then it was real. I went home and told my mom. She said, “I wish you would have told me, I would have gone if you had. I would have been honored to see you inducted. I am so very proud of you”.  She died a year later. I will never forget that. Alpha Sigma Lambda gave me the confidence to never stop reaching for the stars. To be recognized for my accomplishments at my age was something that words cannot express. I will always remember that moment when I was inducted into the honor society and how I felt knowing that I had truly made it. My favorite moment was when the Vice President of Academic Affairs asked if I would take the reins of counselor for the Local chapter at Thomas University. It was my first induction ceremony and of course I wanted it to be so special since I knew how I felt when I was first inducted into the honor society. I asked another employee that had been inducted into the society years earlier to act as my deputy. She agreed.  So we set out to make this an event that would be remembered for a long time.  We had received a weather warning that a hurricane was headed in our direction and that it would be making land fall later that night. There was no way we were going to cancel this event. We had 25 students that year being inducted. The University Chapel severed as the back drop for the ceremony where the students lined up and marched in as their families stood and honored them. After a beautiful ceremony, refreshments were served under a large tent. Everyone was so excited. It made me so happy to see these adults that had come back to school and work so hard to accomplish this. They laughed and cried. It was a moment I will never forget. I think I was more excited than they were.  We finished the ceremony and everyone made it home safely and in plenty of time. Although every moment working with the honor society is special to me. I do not think I would be where I am today without the encouragement and the confidence that I gained from becoming an ALPHA SIGMA LAMBDA.” 

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Spring 2021 Alpha Sigma Lambda Inductions

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society congratulates our new inductees on their academic accomplishments. Thank you to all of our chapter councilors for helping us honor these amazing students, their hard work and achievements during these turbulent times.

“Just as despair can come to one only from other human beings, hope, too, can be given to one only by other human beings.”

Elie Weisel

Eta Chi

On the evening of May 14, 2021 the Eta Chi Chapter inducted its newest members into the Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society. Some public health protocols required by the outbreak of Covid-19 were still in effect and once again did not stop our celebration and acknowledgment of our adult students’ accomplishments. We were able to hold the celebration in-person at our beautiful historic Hoffman House. Chapter Councilor, Jane Hudak, opened this joyous occasion with the support of honorary ASL members, Associate Dean Gregg Scully and Director of Admissions and Student Success, Lisa Lewis, along with Associate Dean, Michael Miller. A.J. Lemheney, Ed.D., Vice President and Executive Director of the College of Graduate and Continuing Education (GCE), addressed the group and shared the sometimes overwhelming obstacles adult learners must overcome in their quest for furthering their education and potential. The 2021 honorary inductee, Amy Enders, Adjunct Business Administration Professor for GCE, was acknowledged for her contribution to her many students. This is best illustrated in a quote submitted by one of them for her nomination. “Amy helped me see the potential in new career possibilities. She guided me and made career suggestions that I would have never considered prior. I’m thankful for her style of teaching, feedback, and help to see a road full of new possibilities”. It’s with great pride that we welcome our seven new members and wish them all the best in their exciting futures.

Student Inductees:

April Bastian, Robert Lessard, Jesenia Peralta, Deanna Shisslak, Rachelle St. Pierre, Christina Tomsic, Arika Troxell, Victoria Yamrus

Zeta Omega Phi

Zeta Omega Phi’s 2021 Induction Ceremony was held via Zoom. We inducted one of our largest cohorts to date!

Student Inductees:

Camille Allen, Katia Bitar, Nadia Bryant, Thomas Deneau, Ramsey Fakhouri, Indiana Gooba, Ali Haidar, Cristal Harris, Jeannine Hart, Dawn Isby, Penny Kane, Shalom Kebede, Anna Koskiewicz-Hamlin, Daisy Recinos, Shameca Rochon, Nathan Roulo, Yosra Saleh, LaKisha Vaughn

Upsilon Zeta

The University of South Carolina’s Upsilon Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda held its induction ceremony virtually on April 20, 2021. Chapter Councilor and Dean of USC Palmetto College Columbia, Dr. Ron Cox, welcomed the honorees and led the ritual of induction. The ceremony included greetings to all inductees from UofSC President Robert L. Caslen, Jr., who was also inducted as an honorary member in recognition of his commitment to adult learners, and was concluded by Dr. Susan Elkins, USC Palmetto College Chancellor, who recognized the academic achievement and accomplishments of all newly-inducted members.

Student Inductees:

Chris Archibald, Jessica Baumeister, Kaegan Chavis, Sally Dillon, Sarah Duckworth, Cheryl Felder-Washington, Chelsea Kuehler, Missy Melton, Wende Miller, Haley Montgomery, Patience Nkyesiga, Mary Taylor, Marlena White, Sandra Williams, Lindsay Young, Bridget Blackwell, Ricky Boyd, Bob Caslen, Danelle Faulkenberry, Jessica Goodwin, Steven Lownes

Honorary Inductees:

Bridget Blackwell, Ricky Boyd, Bob Caslen, Danelle Faulkenberry, Jessica Goodwin, and Steven Lownes


Kappa Eta

Student Inductees:

April Alynn Brown, Laura Arlene Price, Christopher Lee Fulton, Megan Marie Ide-Sandefur, Sharyn T. Toso