Alpha 2019 Induction

Alpha Spring 2019 Induction

Northwestern University School of Professional Studies, Alpha Sigma Lambda Alpha Chapter, holds an annual Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society Induction Ceremony and Reception. The School of Professional Studies was proud and excited to recognize the achievements of 18 graduating students inducted into ASL Membership. Family, friends, and ASL Alumni were all present to celebrate the remarkable achievement of these students. At the ceremony, School of Professional Studies Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Seth Meisel, Associate Dean of Student and Alumni Services, Margaret McCarthy, and Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Dr. Peter Kaye, spoke about not only the honor of ASLmembership, but also the responsibility to inspire those around to their own academic achievements.

Student Inductees: Mark Jedlicki, Mitzy Reyes, David Shaw, Edythe Selinger, Benjamin Keane, Michael Butler, Perry Shaffer, Robin Szarmach, Sarah Wood, Cameron Schwartz, Marylou Novak, Henry Mann, Jessica Agosto, Nancy Bucher, Hye Jin Oh, Brian Lietke, Ann Marshall, Ashley Knudson

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Membership shall contain chapters of colleges and universities which offer undergraduate degrees and which are accredited by the regional associations. Students are inducted into the Society as members of a specific chapter. Membership at-large is not available to students.

To find out if your institution has an Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter, see our Chapter Directory page.

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