"First in Scholarship and Leadership"

As the premier nationally recognized honor society for adult learners with a 70 year established history in higher education, Alpha Sigma Lambda represents the top non-traditional students for more than 300 institutions across the United States.

Alpha Sigma Lambda is devoted to the advancement of scholarship and recognition of nontraditional students continuing their education. We partner with colleges and universities to celebrate the scholarship and leadership of adult students in higher education.

We advocate for and support adult students throughout their studies, and past graduation offering lifelong membership to those that are inducted. Alpha Sigma Lambda members are part of a larger community that honors the adult student’s hard work and accomplishments, and all share a passion for lifelong learning . Each chapter has the ability to help honor these students, faculty, families, and lifelong learning leaders within their institution through Alpha Sigma Lambda awards, events and scholarships.

Why should higher learning institutions have an Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter?

  1. Offer scholarship opportunities to non traditional & adult students.
  2. Honor the academic achievements of nontraditional students.
  3. Create opportunities for outstanding staff members, alumni and students to unite, supporting non-traditional students through induction events and at graduation.

Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda brings the camaraderie and prestige of America’s only chapter-based honor society for non-traditional students.

Additional benefits of ASLHS membership

  • Membership offers motivation for students to achieve academic excellence.
  • The recognition and honoring of achievements of online students.
  • Dedicated full-time national office and customer service support.
  • Inclusion in ASLHS social media and online newsletters.
  • Availability of insignia pins, academic honor cords, clothing and many other items on the Alpha Sigma Lambda online store.
  • Esprit de corps among nontraditional/adult students.

Interested in starting a chapter at your institution?

  1. Visit our Chapter Resources page to learn more.
  2. Have questions? Check out the Chapter FAQ to get answers to frequently asked questions.
  3. Still have questions? Don’t worry! Our Home office staff is here to help. Please contact the home office at (217) 581-7106 or email homeoffice@alphasigmalambda.org.