Alpha Sigma Lambda Inductions | Winter 2019 -2020

Gamma Beta Upsilon

Mr. Homer Craig (Criminal Justice Coordinator and Instructor, Guest Speaker: Tim Price – 2018 Alpha Sigma Lambda Inductee
History of Alpha Sigma Lambda and Induction Ceremony: Dr. Elizabeth Pack (Dean of Adult and Distance Education)
Remarks: Dr. Ben Leslie (Provost and Executive Vice President)

Student inductees: Paige Bortnick, Sarah Young, and Brittany McGill, Paula Quinn, Melissa Stewart, and Thomas Harless.


Gardner Webb Alpha Sigma Lambda member at an induction
Sharing her Alpha Sigma Lambda pride & pin is Brittany McGill’s.

Delta Lambda Pi

The DePaul-School for New Learning, Delta Lambda Pi (DePaul Leaders and Professionals) held its 17th Annual Induction Ceremony, Saturday, May19, 2019. The theme this year was “when life challenges you”. This theme was inspired by a quote from Alana Stewart saying, “No matter what kind of challenges or difficulties or painful situations you go through in your life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach down and find the inner strength to get through them.” SNL Inductees took to heart to examine learning opportunities presented by life’s challenges, and then make the ultimate decision to shift to their inner cheerleader. Associate Dean for SNL Operations, Dr. Akilah Martin was the key note. Interim Dean and ASL Director, Dr. Donald L. Opitz congratulated and held individual photo-ops with inductees and Chapter Councilor, Leyfane J. Thomas, President Stephen Hall and ASL Alumni, Lisa Tolefree, offered separate congratulatory words of encouragement. The Chapter Councilor also chimed a bell at inductee roll call.

Student Inductees: Isabel Avalos, Regina Davis, Heather De vries, Alice Dobosz, Sabrina Downard, Emma Jane Hunt, Ana Fuentes, Shaunta Gray, Igael Hamburg, Marcia Hernandez, Troy Kindle, Bill King, Shantoya Leslie, Sandra Long, Cheryl Marshall, Monika Martinez, Sean McNamara, LaTonya Mohead, Margaret Micheli Venckus, Fernando Molina, Charlotte Ogorek, Deanna Patton, LaurieRabattini, Melissa Rack, Cheryl Schuh, Stephanie Soergel, Anne Sprecher, Conner Steel, Renee Terracina and Robert Trotter.

DePaul-School for New Learning

Iota Eta Sigma

The University of Mobile’s Iota Eta Sigma (in His service) chapter celebrated our 17th year by adding nine new inductees, including one honorary faculty member, Dr. Karen Dennis from our School of Education. Dr. Pamela Buchanan Miller, long-time chapter counselor and advocate for adult students at UM led the induction, and one of our two 2019 national ASL scholarship members, Tanika Woodard, presented candidates with their certificates of membership. The reception that followed was attended by 60+ friends and family celebrating their members’ accomplishments.

Student Inductees: Jennifer Amacker, Beverly Deas, Trinishia Clausell, Kylie Boutwell, Dr. Karen Dennis (honorary, faculty), Jennifer Todd, Sherea White, Kenneth Kaiser, Victoria Bolton.

Membership shall contain chapters of colleges and universities which offer undergraduate degrees and which are accredited by the regional associations. Students are inducted into the Society as members of a specific chapter. Membership at-large is not available to students.

To find out if your institution has an Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter, see our Chapter Directory page.

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Spring | Summer 2019 Inductions

Pi Delta Chi

Induction held on May 3rd, 2019. We had new members attend in person and also through a live stream for a total of 117 new inductees. Dr. Brian Redmond (Keynote Speaker) Associate Teaching Professor in the School of Labor and Employment relations where he is the Director for the Organizational Leadership program. 

Student Inductees: Deborah Alao, Samir AlyGad, Marty Anderson, Melissa Anderson, Kelsey Barksdale, Kelly Barron, Thomas Beam, Keith Bernstein, Jason Berteotti, Jessica Bishop, Miguel Bisono, Ronni Black, Erina Boulch, Robert Bowers, Brandon Brandell, Elizabeth Brown, Helen Burton, Elizabeth Bussler, Madison Capestrain, Maura Chadwick, Korina Crabtree, James Crawford, Miranda Crimbring, Tobie Crossland, Sara Cuthbert, Jennifer Dady, Nicholas Davis, Gwendolyn Davis, Kyle Duggins, Stephanie Eck, Patrick Elkins, Hannah Federau, Brian French, Carie Fuller, Joshua Fulton, Fonda Garcia, Christopher Halbig, Brian Harrington, Michael Harsh, Janelle Hazelton, Kevin Hinkle, John Hodges, Nicole Hodziewich, Renata Hoffstetter, Jeanne Holler, Kaitlyn Innerst, Jennifer Jabaut, Eric Jenner, Jamie Johnson, Daniel Kanw, Elena Khudovekova, Nash Kinsella, Loren Knyper, Ashish Kohli, Stephanie Kruk, Matthew Kulinski, Edward Lach, Stephen Laird, Miles Lamborn, Richard Lape, Michelle Lee, Cathy Liggett, Sybil Lindstead, Scott Lucas, Stephenie Luke, Rachel Lyons, Joelle Manners, Michael Martin, Katelyn Merrihew, Veronica Miller, Clara Miller, Kimberly Moore, William Morris, Esther Nio, Daniel O’Farrell,John Ortega, Maya Paveza, Zachary Pawelkiewicz, Jessica Poland, Lisa Preitz, Sharon Price, Bethany Quinn, Bratislav Rakic, Olivia Ramsey, Tiffany Renninger, Kathrine Rineer, Danielle Rios-Roberts, Milagros Rodriguez, Kevin Rossi, Andrew Salesi, James Scales, Terry Schlitzer, Kara Shaffer, Jamie Shaw, Alyssa-Brianne Sibiga, Caitlin Smith, Robert Spaniel, Elizabeth Swords, Anastasia Thomas, Alexander To, Kathleen Trexler, Kevin Trzcinski, Peter Turcotte, Florine van Dam – Lehtinen, Catherine Vaziri, Eliza Viner, Dainora Visockaite, Stephen Wagner, Cierra White, Andrew Whitmire, Nicholas Williamson, Kendall Wohlwerth, Amanda Wolfe, Catherine Wootten, Amelia Young, Jessica Young, Jarod Zacharias


State College, PA – 05/03/2019: Penn State World Campus held an induction ceremony for new members of the Pi Delta Chi chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda honor society held at the Outreach Building on Friday, May 03, 2019, in State College, PA. Photos by Joe Rokita /

Delta Lambda Pi

School for New Learning, Delta Lambda Pi, (DePaul Leaders and Professionals) held its’ 17th Annual Induction Ceremony, Saturday, May 25, 2019 at DePaul University, DePaul Club, 1 East Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL. This event is a marker of celebration of student academic excellence —celebrating not only the fruits of academic excellence, but the creative and intellectual process that led up to them. Dr. Akilah Martin, Associate Dean for Operations and Student Engagement, DePaul University, was the guest speaker.

Interim Dean and ASL Director, Dr. Donald L. Opitz, LaPhane Thomas, MA (Chapter Councilor), Ifágbayi Adéyéfa, MA, (President) and Lisa Tolefree, MA (Vice President) lead the celebration of honorees, along with their family and friends, in recognition of their academic achievement.

Student Inductees: Isabel Avalos, Graham Bromley, Regina Davis, Heather De Vries, Alice Dobosz, Sabrina Downard, Emma Jane Hunt, Ana Fuentes, Shaunta Gray, Igael Hamburg, Marcia Hernandez, Troy Kindle, Bill King, Shantoya Leslie, Sandra Long, Cheryl Marshall, Monika Martinez, Sean McNamara, Margaret Micheli Venckus, LaTonja Mohead, Fernando Molina, Charlotte Ogorek, Deanna Patton, Laurie Rabattini, Melissa Rack, Cheryl Schuh, Stephanie Soergel, Anne Sprecher, Conner Steel, Renee Terracina, Lisa Torres and Robert Trotter.

Tau Lambda

The Tau Lambda chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society at Roberts Wesleyan College held its 10th induction and welcomed 32 new members on April 4, 2019. Twenty-four of the inductees were able to attend the ceremony and are pictured. Special guest speaker was Ms. Christine Caplan, Executive Director of Cobb’s Hill Manor Assisted Living—a 2014 RWC alumni and ASL inductee from the Health Administration program.

Each inductee was presented with a certificate, membership card, honor pin, and graduation cord by Dean Joseph McCarthy, and the Program Directors—Ms. Michele Kraynik, Esq. (Health Administration), Mrs. Penny Cannon (Organizational Management), and Dr. Kristen Driskill (Pathway to Teaching).

The inductees, along with their families, friends, faculty, and staff, celebrated this accomplishment with a reception in their honor. RWC takes great pleasure in honoring our hardworking students and are proud of all they have achieved.

Student Inductees: Bachelor of Health Administration program: Michelle L. Bassett, Katrina A. Blaszyk, Jessie McHugh, Michelle Parai, Sandra Scheerens, Jona Scott-Duval, Samantha J. Vagg Organizational Management program: Shaun Patrick Adam, Christie L. Brown, Paul Callens, Bridgett Curran, Deanna L. Dake, Bob Flaherty, Melissa P. Keery-Cruz, Katie LaBombard, Nicholas Noll-Lamantia, Monica A. Ross, Janet M. Smith, Michelle Teal, Alanna Tierson, Shelley V. Tierson, Anna E. Wunderlich Pathway to Teaching program: Mary E. Borcyk, Jessica Ann Cole, Kelsey Curazzato, Megan Godlewski, Wendy Hall, Jessica Lea Keipper, Valerie Lomax, Kenzie Mason, Angela R. Pizzarello, Lindsay Jean Wiegand


Sigma Chi Nu

The spring 2019 induction ceremony was held on Thursday, April 18th at 4:30 p.m. in our lovely Shirley Recital Hall at Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC. Dean Betty Telford, the Chapter Adviser opened the ceremony and we welcomed 13 new inductees into our chapter.

Student Inductees: Nicholas Badgio, Tabitha Benton, Breanna Bratton, Daisy Burris, Jhoana Gaytan Pelaigo, Courtney Gibson, Tamara Goolsby Conrad, Mary Allison Gray, Kristena Hendrix, Danielle House, Maggie Jacobs, Diana Robson, Amanda Safewright, Candace Simmons

Nu Kappa Pi

The Adult Learner Programs and Services 2019 Awards Banquet was held on April 4, 2019, and celebrated 75 new initiates into the Nu Kappa Pi chapter. After some light refreshments and networking opportunities with various faculty and department chairs, Dr. Ande Durojaiye, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs welcomed all inductees and guests. Amy Danzo, Director of Adult Learner Programs and Services, presented awards to both the faculty and student of the year (inductee Chrisula Stone). Chapter Councilor Sara Conwell, and fellow advisor/coordinator Kim McCoy, led the official Alpha Sigma Lambda Induction Ceremony.

Student Inductees: Christina Able; Aaron Alles; LaVonne Amanns; Angela Anderson; Sarah Ankenbauer; Leslie Archambeault; Cynthia Auer; Brittany Benson; Lori Bold; Zachary Boone; Brandon Brown; Patricia Courtade; Christina Dowdy; Robert Dusing; Kevin Eagles; Jake Eisenman; Brandi Estrada; Tami Farber; Joshua Goodan; John Goodlett; Michelle Gundrum; Molly Gustin; Heba Hamdan; Elizabeth Harvey; Andrew Haubner; Gradaphene Hayden; Brent Hensley; Krisha Hinkle; Nathan Hodges; Britney Horvath; Andrew Iverson; Jessica Kendall; Mary Kreimer; Andrea Lee; Jenny Marsh; Kimberly Masco; Marie McMullen; Joseph Moretti; Savannah Nash; Jason Peck; Krystal Plumitallo; Angela Quincy; Kaitlin Rawe; Rachel Rawe; Brittany Reynolds; Candy Riegler; Roger Robbins; Danielle Rogers; Alethea Rose; Travis Roy; Phoebe Salyers; Sarah Sanchez; Steven Scharold; Nathaniel Schmitz; Karen Seidler; Connie Seiter; Wie Sie; Jeffrey Smith; Eric MP Stankewicz; Chrisula Stone; Kelsey Stratton; Brian Street; Kelly Stucker; Caitlin Thornberry; Anson Turley; Adrianne Underhill; Kaitlyn Vandenbrock; Lisa Voutsikakis; Jeremy Watson; Jerod Weber; Jamie Willhoff; Jimmy Williams; Sheila Wolfer; Lindsay Wood; Adam Zarnowski

Gamma Gamma

The Gamma Gamma Chapter at Rhode Island College was first chartered in 1981. Chapter Councilor was Dr. Walter Crocker, the Dean of the School of Continuing Education. The Chapter was rechartered in December 2018 and new inductees welcomed in Spring 2019. The new inductees had an average GPA of 3.914; 5 of the students had a perfect 4.0.

Student Inductees: Veronica Anderson, David Barksdale, John Belcher, Felix Benzant
Andrea Braga, Jiana Calderara, Brittany Castaneda, Joel Coste, Susan Gaboriault, Claudio Ialongo
Douglas Kania,  Marina Kreiter, Dianne Lapane, Mark Laskey, Linn Mariano, Anthony Maselli, Michelle McCabe,  Patricia McLaughlin, Caitlin McManus, Kevin Medeiros, Linh Nguyen, Deanne O’Brien Hagerty
Shannon Pugliese,  Tara Rawley, Matthew Schiavo, Dianne Thomas

Theta Nu

The induction ceremony was held on Friday, April 12th. Becker College President Nancy Crimmin welcomed the students and ean Mary Ellen Mahoney, Dean of the School of Graduate & Professional Studies gave a motivating speech to the inductees. Kristin Koziol, inducted into Theta Nu in 2018, was the guest speaker.

Student Inductees: Molly Bonneville, Rosalba Candelaria, Carolina Fialho, Cassandra Graham, Kimberly Jarzinski, Susan Jones, Alicia Lewis, Curran Mead, Heather Olson, Ana Puello, Lauren Tiberio, Christopher Vine, Faith Whitney

Beta Psi Alpha

Dr. RJ McGivney welcomed 18 new members to the spring Alpha Sigma Lambda Induction Ceremony. The inductees and their families enjoyed a cocktail reception and presentation by Christine Beck Lissitzyn who awarded a scholarship established in her honor to inductee Marie Hatten.

Student Inductees: Amber Badger, Marie Bate, Michelle Beharry, Carol Courtney, Natalee Daley, Erin Davis, Elena Ding, Carolee Garvey, Diana Grzes, Marie Hatten, Hudson Hudson [this is NOT a mistake], Elena Kruzhalova, Petergay Nevins-McKenzie, Carmen Rodriguez, Toni-Rose Sargent, Sheri Sireci, Sadian Tullonge-Clarke, Charmagne Verano

Honor Society Induction Ceremony 2019

Chi Alpha Lambda

All Keuka College Adult and Online Education students were inducted electronically into the Chi Alpha Lambda chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society. Upon acceptance into Alpha Sigma Lambda, students received a letter from Dr. Maeghen Kuhn, Assistant Vice President of Keuka College Adult and Online Education, congratulating them on their achievement. In addition to the letter, an Alpha Sigma Lambda pin, their member certificate, information about Alpha Sigma Lambda, Keuka College Alumni Relations information, and a Keuka College Adult and Online Education tech tattoo were sent to each inductee. The students walked in graduation the week after the induction ceremony. Congratulations to all of our new inductees!

Student Inductees: Lashawndra Ashford, Taylor Bennett, Shannon Boehm, Ashley Bush, Perrine Engle, Erica Grove, Andrea McLeod, Josephine Murphy, Jodi Osmen, Zachary Phenes, Aliscia Shafer, Michele Spenard, Jason Warner, Jennifer Zimmermann

Eta Chi

On Friday April 5, 2019, seven Muhlenberg College Wescoe School students and one Honorary faculty member were inducted into the Eta Chi Chapter of the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society. Speakers at our event included Muhlenberg College’s Provost Dr. Kathleen Harring, Dean of Academic Life Dr. Bruce Anderson, Senior Lecturers Sally Richwine and Susan Clemens-Bruder, Muhlenberg Alum Karen Yowell, as well as the Dean of The Wescoe School of Continuing Education and Eta Chi Chapter Councilor Jane Hudak. Our formal ceremony was followed by a charming reception attended by faculty, students, and guests where the accomplishments of our inductees were celebrated.

Student Inductees:  Michael Buzzard, Jennifer Fenstermaker, Brianne Kichline, Michael Feyrer, Rhiannon Harwi, Melissa Kuruts, Laura Pezzulich, David Haas

Upsilon Zeta

The Upsilon Zeta induction ceremony was held at the University of South Carolina on April 29, 2019. Dr. Chris Nesmith, Chapter Councilor, led the ritual of induction and presented inductees with certificates while Dr. Susan Elkins, Palmetto College Chancellor, bestowed honor cords and membership cards. The ceremony concluded with recognition of the inductees’ efforts by Dr. Elkins.

Student Inductees: Jennifer Cudd, Rachel Davis, Eric Grabski, Emily Hamilton, Rhonda Partridge, Carla Rogers, Marlene Shields, Denise Washington,

Faculty Inductees: Ron Cox, Hayes Hampton, John Peek, Andrew Pisano, Elliot Vittes

Zeta Phi

Zeta Phi’s Induction Ceremony was held on April 15, 2019 and included music by our Fine Arts Division, “Off Kilter.” Our featured guest speaker was Mary Bogart, a former non-traditional student and is currently married to our President, Dr. Tom Bogart.

Student Inductees: William T. Tate, Colleen R. Nordstrom, Robert P. Macri, Lucas R. Koch & Kristin J. Huichapa

Gamma Eta

On April 28, 18 new members were inducted into the Gamma Eta chapter at Marist College. Students were given honor stoles by the Dean with remarks on leadership and service by faculty.

Student Inductees: Travis Biro, Miranda Bohlinger, Martha Codio, Sheila Cody, Marlo DeLaRosa, Jose Fields, Lisa Held, Edward Jarosiewitz Knapp, Debra Lattanzi, Kristen Mastromarino, Kathleen McManus, Beth Monaco, Kathleen Monahan, Lauren Montgomery, Charlotte Murray, Carlos Ordonez, Michelle Penny, Christine Williams

Eta Rho

Members of the Class of 2019 were inducted into the Eta Rho Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda on May 16, during the Honors & Awards Ceremony at the Manchester Center. Dr. Maria R. Altobello, Dean of the College and Chapter Councilor conducted the ceremony. Inductees listened to the inspiring words of Steven Camerino, Chairman of the Board and received their diplomas from President Kim Mooney. A reception followed the ceremony, and inductees celebrated their accomplishments with family and friends. Seven inductees who were not able to attend the ceremony were inducted online.

Student Inductees: Amy J. Chaput, Jarrod M. Driscoll, Emily Germano, Derek K. Haimaidi, Kristina Marie Houde, Patrick M. Laforge, Nicole L. Main, Justine Pangilinan, Jeremy Douglas Seeley, Mark Abraham Stevens, Neil P. Young

Gamma Theta

Furman University Undergraduate Evening Studies (UES) inducted six new Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society members into the Gamma Theta chapter at the annual UES Commencement Celebration held on May 9, 2019. Three of the inductees attended the event.

Student Inductees: Joshua White, Britton Walker, Katlyn Clark. Missing are Graham Haley, Michelle Styles and Sydney Townsend


Gamma Pi

On Tuesday, April 23, 2019, Morgan State University’s Center for Continuing and Professional Studies held a reception, inducting 17 Morgan State University Students into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Continuing Education National Honor Society. Of these 17 students: 11 different majors were represented and 4 students graduated on May 18, 2018.

The induction ceremony was held in the University Student Center Theater. Ms. Cheryl Nicholson, Quality Control Manager in the Morgan State University Office of Business & Auxiliary Services, served as the keynote speaker for the ceremony.

Student Inductees: Shanna Anderson, Courtenay Brown, Iman Clark, Brittney Daniels-Branch, Laurie Farber, Tracy Fletcher, Asia Hamilton, Aaron Peterson,  Angela Marie Roberson,  Tamika Rose,  Mohammed Ali Shamakay, LaToshia Smith-Brown,  Cicily Stephens,  Kit Sze, Joymaria Uche,  Marian Wiggins,  Takhirah M. Williams

Xi Delta 

The Xi Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda at Xavier University held its inaugural induction ceremony on the evening of May 10, 2019, in the Conaton Boardroom in Schmidt Hall on Xavier’s campus. Eleven individuals were inducted into the first class of Xi Delta ASL students, five were present to receive their certificates. ASL inductee and soon-to-be graduate, Sonia Pereira, gave a heartfelt speech discussing her journey as an adult student underscoring that while non-traditional students have unique experiences, there is a common thread of gratitude and pride in being part of the Xavier family. In addition, Dr. Adam Clark, Associate Professor in Theology offered an inspiring speech to the inductees. Rev Michael Graham, S.J., Xavier University President, gave closing words of encouragement to the newly inducted members. After the ceremony family and friends stayed to take photographs and enjoy lots of food and drink.

Student Inductees: Ayesha, Bahar, Bryan Berwanger, Charles Caudill, Maria Gomez, Damon Hurst, Theodore Kistner, Sonia Pereira, Michael Phillips, Cindy Rowland, Sarah Standley, Ryan Thomas

Xi Delta Induction

Pi Theta

Alpha Sigma Lambda, Pi Theta Chapter held its New Member Induction Ceremony and Honor Cord Presentation on Thursday, April 11, 2019 on the campus of Meredith College. The event was held on the College’s Celebrating Student Achievement Day, an annual, day-long event showcasing the talents and achievements of its students. Speakers for the ceremony were Dr. Jo Allen, President of Meredith College and Tom Manning, Director of Wings – Adult Education at Meredith and Chapter Councilor. Pi Theta Chapter recognized not only its inductees at this event, but also presented graduating members with Alpha Sigma Lambda honor cords as a gift from the Office of Wings and the College. Dr. Allen made a special presentation of the Alpha Sigma Lambda military medallion to graduating senior member Sheila Thomas, USMC.

Student Inductees: Alyssa Cira, Barbara Daniel, Julie Sullivan, Laura Hagman, Rachel Isenberg, Martelle Neely, Kathryn Parker, Katie Sigmon, Sheila Thomas, Thomas Manning (honorary member)

Lambda Omicron

Twenty-four non-traditional/adult students at the State University of New York College at Cortland have been elected to membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda, an international honor society honoring the academic achievement of undergraduate students over the age of 24. The SUNY Cortland chapter, Lambda Omicron, has elected members to the honor society. The induction ceremony and dinner, which celebrated its 20th year at SUNY Cortland, was held Tuesday, April 23, at 6 p.m. in Brockway Hall Jacobus Lounge. SUNY Cortland has inducted 645 student members over the past 20 years.

Alpha Sigma Lambda national standards indicate that students elected to membership are in the top twenty percent of all students at SUNY Cortland age 24 or older who have completed 24 credits of work at SUNY Cortland with a grade point average of 3.2 or better. For the inductees to be in the top twenty percent of students at SUNY Cortland this year, they needed to have a grade point average of 3.62 or higher. The GPA range for this group of students inducted was 3.62 to 4.14.

Cheryl Hines, Chapter Councilor and Coordinator of Student Outreach and Non-Traditional Student Support, Advisement and Transition, hosted the induction ceremony and dinner. SUNY Cortland’s College President, Dr. Erik J. Bitterbaum, offered welcoming remarks to the new members. Dr. Joshua Peck, Associate Professor in the psychology department, was the faculty guest speaker. He shared some of his own experiences as an adult student as well as stories of adult students he has worked with and mentored at SUNY Cortland. Dr. Peck was inducted as a student in 2007.

Sara Sampson, a senior dual major student, majoring Professional Writing and Political Science member of Alpha Sigma Lambda, explained the ideals of the honor society.

Peter “Kobe” Sarkodie was presented a military medallion by President Bitterbaum to recognize his service in the US Army. Lori Schlicht, Associate Director, Advisement and Transition, was recognized as an honorary member.

Student Inductees: Nicolette Marie Adams, Janiellee Alvarez, Alexandra Brown, Brionna Cicak, Kathleen Collins,  Maura Conlon, Joshua Hagadorn, Laura Heslin, Eric Kovatchitch, Elizabeth Lader, Richard Martino, Lauren Minholz, Jamie-Lee Minkley, Shelly Moscato, Tracy Pang, Chelsea Parker, Erin Reid, Allison J. Rightmire, Kyle Ripley, Peter “Kobe” Sarkodie, Brandon Smith, Jessica Smith, John Israel D. Ward Jr., Bobbie Weaver

Rho Sigma Delta

Student Inductees: Susan Hanna, Mark Bylancik, Maritza Vega, Mindi Yeger, Juliann Anastasi, Rudolf Hass and Natalie Hartman. Zurine Cadena Jimenez, Nikole Duch, Karen Mastriano, Charlene Steer, and Derek Weinberg.

Upsilon Phi Beta

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford’s Upsilon Phi Beta chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda welcomed six members into the premier national honor society for non-traditional students. Ms. Jody Randolph, chapter advisor, welcomed the honorees and their guests and recognized other honorary members who were in attendance. Chapter members: Ms. Kimberly Bailey, Ms. Brenda Brandon and Ms. Diane Null conducted the induction ceremony ritual. Refreshments were enjoyed by all in attendance at the conclusion of the ceremony.

Honorary Inductees: Dr. Lawrence Feick, interim president at Pitt-Bradford and Dr. Scott Kane. Dean of student affairs Student Inductees: Jamie L. Burritt, Jennifer M. Fitton, Jennifer Ashley Landuyt, Tiffany A. Minor

Omega Theta

Student Inductees: Rachel Lyn Coulter, Karen A. Stradling, Sean Selby, Carolyn Beth Witrock, Dr. Drew Proacaccino

Iota Kappa

The Metropolitan School of Professional Studies at The Catholic University of America has inducted nine outstanding undergraduate students and recent graduates into Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society, the honorary society for nontraditional students.

Congratulations to Paula M. Blackwell, Cristina Burgos, Euclides Rengifo Cordoba, Anh-Viet Dinh, Erika Maria Herrera, Delmy E. Pineda, and Theodore Rumingan, as well as honorary faculty inductees Dr. Roy Littlefield and Dr. Twila Lindsay, who were inducted in a ceremony on campus on March 12. A ninth student, Tsolomon Baasandorj, could not attend the March 12 ceremony and was inducted separately at a later date. We are so proud of all of you!

“You are so special,” Dr. Littlefield, an historian and the executive vice president of the Tire Industry Association, told the inductees during the ceremony. He praised them for “making every sacrifice that he or she can to continue to grow.” Noting the many challenges that working students must handle in order to pursue an undergraduate degree, Dr. Littlefield said, “You are here because you care.”

Thanks to our previous faculty inductees Dr. Mary Roary, Dr. Eric Fontaine and Dr. Larry Robertson as well as Rev. Jude DeAngelo OFM Conv. for their key parts in the ceremony.

Student Inductees: Paula M. Blackwell, Cristina Burgos, Euclides Rengifo Cordoba, Anh-Viet Dinh, Erika Maria Herrera, Delmy E. Pineda, Theodore Rumingan, Roy Littlefield, Twila Lindsay, Tsolomon Baasandorj


Omicron Pi

The Omicron Pi chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda held our 2019-20 Induction Ceremony at Mount Saint Mary’s University, on the Doheny campus, in the Doheny Mansion on Tuesday, November 12, 2019. There were between 50 – 70 attendees, which included 18 ASL inductees and there guests, along with MSMU faculty and administrators. Dean Suzanne Williams and Assistant Dean Peter Zaferes (chapter counselor) hosted the event.

Student Inductees: Lorena Alvarado, Olivia Backley, Miriam Barrera, Sophia Berkley, Cheryl Crum, John Deeb, Paloma Flores, Eugenia Gordillo, Katherine Liu, Tracie Mangold, Veronica Maya-Pimentel, Carla Morgenstern, Anthony Musso, Nayelli Perez, Janet Richardson, Mary-Elizabeth Sadduk, Beatriz Sanchez, Armenui Temourian

Xi Mu

The Alpha Sigma Lambda National Society Induction Ceremony was held on Thursday, April 18, 2019. Approximately 45 individuals were present at this event to see the students get inducted in this outstanding national society.

Student Inductees: LaTanya Allen, Kimberly Ball, Sandra Corine Bell,Shameika Latrelle Bronson, Diane Theresa Brooks, Corenda Louise Brown, Binyoka Booth Collins, Francis Jean Diggs, Youlanda Denise Garrett-Trotter,Tyeshia Niteka Jones, Lennie Gabrielle Morris
Linda Moses, Shemika Nelson, Sandra Rene Ratcliff, Eddie Lugene Ratliff, Claudia Francine Stevenson, Andrea Denise Stowers, Sharon Denise Thomas, Carla Moncina Wells, and Charity Whitney

Membership shall contain chapters of colleges and universities which offer undergraduate degrees and which are accredited by the regional associations. Students are inducted into the Society as members of a specific chapter. Membership at-large is not available to students.

To find out if your institution has an Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter, see our Chapter Directory page.

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Fall 2018 Inductions

Creighton University Nu Tau Epsilon 
Mrs. Laurie Galeski

We held our 2018 induction into Nu Tau Epsilon, Creighton University’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda on November 7, 2018. This program is very student oriented. Our Master of Ceremonies, John Rumbaugh, was a 2015 inductee and one of our 2017 inductees, Kim Sauer, did a beautiful student reflection. The Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Dr. Gail Jensen, gave a warm welcome. As Chapter Councilor, Laurie Galeski read each new inductee’s Biographical Sketch and thank you while they stood by our Dean to take a picture. A heartfelt presentation was given by our keynote speaker, Tammy Williams, who was a graduate of our College. We concluded the formal program with a closing reflection from Fr. Andy Alexander and then convened to a formal reception honoring our students. 

Inductees: Yasin Abdulgasem, Jeanne Bray, Danielle Brunow, Beth Cavanaugh, Kyle Chapman, Tamara Cleaves-Denes, Kaitlyn Cooper, Brick Demique, Kyle Eckert, Sarah Fackler, Rebecca Hall, Theresia Hhayuma, Steven Kell, Martha Kokotajlo, Michael Lacerda, Nicholas LaPlant, Patricia Larson, Laura Ranney, Jennifer Rasmussen, Kevin Todd, Jana Urzendowski, Jazmyne Van Houten, Lisa Wise, Sarah Zimmerman 


Jackson State University Xi Mu 

Dr. Gloria Smith 

 Faculty, associate dean, and staff, along with family members of each inductee were invited to the event. The associate dean along with the director spoke and inductees participated in the ceremony activities. 

Inductees: Keara Alexander, Andrea Beals, Cameron Brown, Jennifer Calvin, Jermaine Glover, Antoinette Hall, Anthony Holmes, Ryan Johnson, Gwendolyn Leflore, Annie Ransburg, Felicia Reed, May Reed, Teresa Robinson, and Elroy Winding. 

Salem CollegeSigma Chi Nu 

Mrs.  Betty Telford 

ASLHS Induction Ceremony for the Martha H. Fleer Center for Adult Education was held Thursday, November 15, 2018, in Shirley Recital Hall, Fine Arts Center at Salem College. Dean Telford, Chapter Adviser opened the ceremony and Liz Kelly, President, Angie Higgins, Vice President, and Anna Lunsford, Secretary participated in the pinning ceremony. 

Stephanie Arcos*, Kathy Williams Barnes*, Krista Berlin*, Elizabeth Agnelli Berndt*, Christy Butler, Wanda R. Camp, Amber Chase, Olivia Cleary, Marjorie B. Doran*, Tamika N. Ellerbe*, Sara A. Gibson, Patrice Yvette Glenn, Carolina Haverty, Gabrielle Hill, Karen M. Hoch, William C. Hoyme, Tricia Klein, Kayla Knight Abbie Gray Lakins*, Johnna Leavy*, Nateria Danee Lewis, James Maderia Jr., Ursula Maier*, Angela Muse, Nydia (Castillo) Nunez, Bradley Parrish, Susanne F. Pegram, Marjorie B. Plowden, Jason W. Potter, Mildred Proctor, Cassandria Reich, Chloe Scott, Sophia M. Seyler-Wetzel*, Teaquoise Shuler-Lindsay, Janet McKay Smith, Kimberly Turner- Kendrix, Lauren Willard, Jerotich Yegon 



Mount Saint Mary’s University  Omicron Pi 

Mr. Peter Zaferes

On November 13, 2018, Mount Saint Mary’s University in Los Angeles California hosted our 2018- 19 Alpha Sigma Lambda Induction Ceremony. 19 outstanding scholars were inducted into our Omicron Pi Chapter. Our provost, Dr. Robert Perrins officially welcomed inductees and Dean Suzanne Williams initiated the pledge and bestowed certificates and ASL pins afterward. Department chairs, faculty, the inductees and their families enjoyed the ceremony immensely and everyone celebrated together at the lovely reception that followed the induction. 

Inductees: Nancy Aguilar, Yvonne Aguilar, Eyosef Bogdanov, Charles Cano,  Fitzgeral Cano, Carla Evdemon, Tynisha Floyd,  Matthew Gafa,  Halm Nnenna, Celene Heredia, Shashonk Illam,  Robert Lopez, Michelle Manzano, Carmina Ramirez-Holguin,  Victoria Rauser, Martha Torres, Ana Valdes, Dominic Waechter,  Benton Williams

University of Mobile Iota Eta Sigma Chapter

Dr. Pamela Buchanan-Miller

On Wednesday, January 30, the University of Mobile’s Iota Eta Sigma (In His Service) chapter inducted 20 members, 17 of whom are pictured here. One, Brian Boyle, was inducted as an honorary member. Mr. Boyle is a UM alumnus who currently directs the marketing and recruiting for UM’s Alabama College for Professional and continuing studies. Participating in the ceremony were four of the chapter’s faculty members (Mattie Easter, J.B. Locke, Daniel Chancey, and Dr. Debra Chancey) and one student member (William Miller, inducted 2013). Approximately 75 were in attendance including many family members, and a reception was held afterward. Because of organizational changes, this was our chapter’s first induction in two years–a real celebration of our students’ accomplishment! 

Inductees: Amy Baker, Jacqualine Davis, Whitney Dillard, Laura Foots, Jennifer Horton, Melyssa Hughes, Maranda Kirk, Charlie Mason, Chrissi Moore, Tyieka Pettway, Jessica Pickens, Zachary Schrimsher, Sally Shoemaker, Marcus Talley, Tracey Wasdin, Shamika Williamson, Tanika Woodard, Morgan Littlewood, James Easter, Brian Boyle 

Murray State UniversityEta Delta 
Ms. Alison Marshall 

Inductees: Stephen Grace, Brittany Shelton 


Lipscomb University – Upsilon Pi  

Dr. Regina Henry 

Inductees: Kennedi Browne, Elizabeth Cameron, Mariela Diaz Bonilla, Chris Farmer, Abigail King, Harold Loyd, Nicholas Maenza, Linda McCampbell, John Mott, Lindsey Ocho-Ryan, Jessica Pinto, Jeremy Plate, Tammy Reid, Maira Rodriguez, Asailio Timmermeir, Amanda Wynne, James Young 


George Fox University Gamma Omega Delta  

Mrs. Rae Casey

The Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter at George Fox University’s aim is to recognize the special achievements of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. To honor our inductees, we hold a small induction ceremony for them and their family. Each inductee is individually recognized by reading a short biography and presenting of their cord, pin, and certificate. 

Inductees: Adena Bailey, Thomas Briner Jr., Emily Burgess, Irene Calder, Ana Flor Casola Grandao, Rosemarie Cordell, Dolores Cranley, Kenneth Fontenot, Elizabeth Gavrilovic, Guillermo Guevara, Elizabeth Harvey, Karen Howard, SuAnn Loewen, Karina Reddaway, Chad Russell, Lisa Thorpe, Joseph Wendland, Stephanie Wetjen 

Red Bluff Adult Studies student earns honors at Simpson University

Fourteen North State residents graduated with honors in January from Simpson University’s School of Adult Studies, including Lisa DeFonte of Red Bluff. Read the full article…

Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda brings the camaraderie and prestige of America’s only chapter-based honor society for non-traditional students.

Learn about the benefits and advantages of having an Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter at your learning institution. Applying for Chapter Membership is quick and easy!

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Spring 2018 Inductions

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society is devoted to the advancement of scholarship and recognition of nontraditional students continuing their education. We want to celebrate the scholarship & leadership of our Alpha Sigma Lambda Spring 2018 Inductees.

Mu Kappa Omega – Chapter Councilor Cindy Dodge

The University of Saint Joseph held it’s Induction Ceremony on May 7, 2018. Lizaida Collazo Rivera, ΑΣΛ Member, and Michelle M. Kalis, Ph.D. Provost were the featured speakers.

Inductees: Tammy Broxton, Lori Caetano, Reuben Cartagena, David Wheeler, Claire Hahn, Lisa Looby, Tatiana Santana-Morin, Honorary Inductee Dr. Melissa Mokel, Ph.D., APRN, Assistant Professor of Nursing/Director, RN-B.S. Program

Mu Lambda – Chapter Councilor Dr. Ruiying Ding

The Mu Lambda Chapter at Elmhurst College inducted 14 adult honor students into Alpha Sigma Lambda National Honor Society the evening of May 4, 2018. Students and their families were invited to participate in a reception prior to the start of the ceremony. Former chapter councilor, Mr. Timothy Panfil, presided over the ceremony and the keynote address, “Carpe Doctrina (Seize the Learning)”, was provided by Ms. Laura Brennan, professor of nursing.

Inductees: Kristen Becktel, Malgorzata Cerny, Yukari Finley, Susanne Ford, Darlene Grassel, Amanda Kelly, Nicole Mangiaracina, Nicholas Mossman, Juan Nava, Madu Pangemanan, Karen Rutt, Mary Taylor, Matthew Uhlir, Natalia Wehr

Eta Chi – Chapter Councilor Jane Hudak 

Wescoe School Alpha Sigma Lambda 2018 Induction Ceremony

Inductees: Erin Morales, Paul Feher, Jason Lewis, Jacob Burkhart, Kyle Fatzinger, Dex Bracken, Iulia Tibrea, Michael Humes.

Theta Chi – Chapter Councilor Dr. Emily Richardson  

The induction ceremony was held on Sunday, April 8th at 3:00 at Queens University of Charlotte. 41 individuals were inducted, and 18 were able to be present to get their certificate. Two honorary candidates were also inducted, Dr. Greg Pillar, the Assistant Provost, and Dr. John Downey the Dean of Students. In addition, Anita Wofford, the adult student advisor took the oath, as she will become the new ASL councilor in fall 2018. 

Inductees: Collette Brooke, Dulce Cortes, Suzette Delay, Gabriella DeTomaso, Nicole Figueroa, Linda Gonzalez, Jason King, Nathan Lauver, Amy Lynn, Evan McOwen, Michael Pritchard, Rosaura Rodriguez, Melanie Skinner, Terrance Shepherd, Marcela Florez, Sherry Thompson, Janyce Wardlaw, Angel Wall


 Xi Mu – Chapter Councilor Dr. Gloria Smith 

Jackson State University Inductees: Seated (left to right)  Yolanda Branch, Tameka Johnson, Jennifer Erwin, Carolyn Bell Standing (left to right)  Ramirez Burks, Joi Light, David Burns, Derlyn Haralson, Roderick Crain, Ledireada Kent

Phi Epsilon – Chapter Councilor Ms. Yvrose Romulus 

Dr. Tim Raynor Dean, Bridgeport School of Professional Studies opened the ceremony, welcomed the inductees and their guests.
Dr. Charles T. Phillips was the guest speakers. Charles J. Gillespie Jr. was also a guest speaker as a new inductee of the chapter. Ms. Yvrose Romulus, the Counselor for the chapter did the induction and closed the event.

Inductees: Nancy Irene Dickison, Leticia Figueroa, Stanley Geter, Charles J. Gillespie Jr., Farah Martin, Yohana Ramirez, Carly A. Salvato, Darryl J. Saunders, Jennifer L. Soter, Cassidy J. Vignos, Brandon C. Whitfield

Iota Kappa – Chapter Councilor Dr. BJ Buracker

The Iota Kappa chapter at the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies at The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. inducted six new members on May 11, 2018. Inducted as an honorary member was MSPS adjunct faculty member Larry Robertson, Vice President/Project Director at JBS International, Inc. He exhorted the inductees to embrace “passions, values and talents” in their careers. “Do something that you would do even if you weren’t paid for it,” he advised. Immediately after the induction ceremony, the new members of ASL were also honored at the university-wide Undergraduate Honors Convocation as part of the university’s commencement-week ceremonies.

Inductees: Chris L. Allen, Marilyn M. Brown, Silvina Cerezo, Andrea Jacobs-Cohen, Matthew Morris, Kudakwashe D. Mundopa, Deborah Nicholson, Larry Robertson

Alpha Xi – Chapter Councilor Mrs. Sarah Thornton

Our spring induction ceremony was held on the beautiful Drury University campus in Springfield, Missouri. The keynote speaker, Colleen Andrews, inspired us to lead with compassion. Twenty-one inductees were present with their families.
Inductees: Scottie Adkins, Tara Allhands, Austin Arnall, Christian Blankenship, Anthony Bostwick, Ivy Branch, James Campbell, Mathew Cavanaugh, Katelynn Clark, Renee Crocker, Kait Lynn Cupples, Jennifer Davis, Anna Donkin, Kristopher Flynt, McKenzi Gaines, Danielle Gardner, Andrew Gergely, Kyla Gergely, Tony Gifford, Jessica Goacher, Otto Gomez, Jack Greer, Amy Grisham, Candice Huett, Kim Hunter, Zachrian King, Reva Koehn, Melissa Kotowicz, Arthur Lassiter, Loretta Mask, William Mask, Jessica Menendez, Cherl Miller, Radu Moroti, Amberlynn Moulton, Sydnee Ponder, Landroval Reliford, Lauren RyderStuer, Michelle Sanders, Ripsine Sansome, Chelsye Scantlin, David Sellers, Chad Smith, Susan Stuart, Jessica Wehling, Amanda Witt, Alexandria Zinn

Kappa Rho – Chapter Councilor Mrs. Krista Mather

The Kappa Rho Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda at Gonzaga University gathered in the evening on April 22nd for dinner and our annual induction ceremony. The evening began with a blessing offered by the Student Development Vice President, Dr. Judy Biggs Garbuio. The ritual was recited by ASL member and Gonzaga University Senior Transfer Admissions Counselor, Audrey Minton. Certificates and a closing message were presented to our new inductees by Associate Dean for Student Development, Dr. Colleen Vandenboom. Other special guests included the family and friends of our newest inductees as well as Dean for Student Development, Matt Lamsma; Associate Director for Student Involvement, Joey Sammut, and Chapter Councilor, Krista Mather. We all enjoyed our dinner and time of celebration together.Inductees: Wrane Soule, Roberto Morales, Emily Miller, Matthew Sanson, Gabe Marsh, Alanna Unruh, Jacquelyn Hatzke



Gamma Pi – Chapter Councilor Dr. Nilajah Nyasuma Sims

On Sunday, May 6, 2018, Morgan State University’s Continuing Studies held a reception, inducting 10 Morgan State University Students into the Alpha Sigma Lambda Continuing Education National Honor Society. Nine different majors were represented; 3 students will be graduating on May 19, 2018, and 6 students will be graduating in December 2018. The induction ceremony was held in the University Student Center Theater.

Inductees: Rukayat Ariori, Christine Curtis, Jamilah Dennis, Stephanie Donaldson Brown, Murisiku Lawal, Assata Lewis Graphic Design, Roslyn Richardson, Montressa Tripps, Lariel Tunstall, Darrel A. Walton, Jr.

Mu Kappa – Chapter Councilor Dr. Ana Chichester

University of Mary Washington inductees gathered for the induction ceremony and to hear from each other. Students spoke about what motivated them to succeed, and what their next steps were going to be.

Inductees: Daphne Ahalt; Craig Boothe; Marianne Brokaw; Andrew Conklin; Jeanne Cotton; Mark Covino; Wendy Dent; Regina Drayton; Corey Green; Fatina Grooms; Ryan Hastings; Mary Havener; Elluz Lopez; Austin Leuders; Jacqueline Nkansah; Whitney Post; Janice Riley; Nasratullah Sephahizada; Natalie Smith; Valerie Steward; Linda Ware; Jillan Weiger; Lisa Wilcox.

Omega Theta – Chapter Councilor Christopher Micali

Three new student members and an honorary faculty member were inducted into Rider’s chapter of Omega Theta at Rider University, College of Continuing Studies.

Inductees: Dr. Mary Morse- Professor of English, Jeanette Friscia, Joanna Siggillino, Sylvia Troutman

Pi Theta – Chapter Councilor Mr. Tom Manning

Alpha Sigma Lambda, Pi Theta Chapter held its New Member Induction Ceremony and Honor Cord Presentation on Thursday, April 12, 2018, in Jones Chapel on the campus of Meredith College. The event was held on the College’s Celebrating Student Achievement Day, an annual, day-long event showcasing the talents and achievements of its students. Speakers for the ceremony were Tom Manning, Director of Wings – Adult Education at Meredith and Chapter Councilor and Dr. Matthew Poslusny, Senior Vice President and Provost of Meredith College. Pi Theta Chapter recognized not only its inductees at this event, but also presented ten graduating members with Alpha Sigma Lambda honor cords as a gift from the Office of Wings and the College.

Inductees: Brooke Babcock, Megan Beachem, Sabrina Chappell-Strickland, Ashley Fields, Leah Hathcote, Allison Koziel Bolla, Barbara Levengood, Maegan Monsivais, Hannah Southern

Upsilon Zeta – Chapter Councilor Mr. Chris Nesmith

Welcome, Introduction, & Ritual of Induction Speaker: Dr. Chris Nesmith- Associate Provost, Palmetto College & Dean of Extended University Recognition & Closing Remarks Speaker: Dr. Susan Elkins- Chancellor Honorary Faculty InducteesDr. David Dangerfield, Robert Castleberry, and Stephen Lowe

Inductees: Grady Biggerstaff, Robert Castleberry, Cathleen Cathcart, Heather Coleman, David Dangerfield, Cristina Delgadillo, William Easterling, Sara Katz, Stephen Lowe, Thomas Phelps, Nicole Ramsey, Chereka Williams.

Iota Iota – Chapter Councilor Dr. Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush

The induction ceremony featured Provost Steve Barrows, Associate Provost Heather Kesselring-Quakenbush, and Chair of the Continuing Education at Aquinas College Committee, Vicki McMillan. Musical entertainment was provided by Ramil Collier.

Inductees: Jenny Aimee Gomez Cabrera, Haleigh Sullivan, Jill Anne Veenstra

Sigma Chi Nu – Chapter Councilor Betty Telford 

Salem College Inductees:Daphne Ahalt; Craig Boothe; Marianne Brokaw; Andrew Conklin; Jeanne Cotton; Mark Covino; Wendy Dent; Regina Drayton; Corey Green; Fatina Grooms; Ryan Hastings; Mary Havener; Elluz Lopez; Austin Leuders; Jacqueline Nkansah; Whitney Post; Janice Riley; Nasratullah Sephahizada; Natalie Smith; Valerie Steward; Linda Ware; Jillan Weiger; Lisa Wilcox.

Alpha Sigma Lambda is an honor society which partners with colleges and universities to celebrate the scholarship and leadership of adult students in higher education. Membership in  Alpha Sigma Lambda brings scholarship opportunities and the camaraderie of America’s only chapter-based honor society for non-traditional

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Fall 2017 ASLHS Inductions

 Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society welcomes all of our Fall 2017 members from all over the United States of America.

We are proud to have all of you as inductees and thrilled that we are able to honor your hard work and academic accomplishments!

Baldwin Wallace University


Lee Bartlett, Michael Brown, James Corkish, Andrew DeValve, Kevin Fischer, Christen Ford, Amy Greicius Ida Gunadi, Teresa Hacker, Crystal Hamilton, Kaylee Harter, Meghan Jenkins, Rebecca Medina, Mark Nakon, Kate Potter, Erika Rice, Steven Rizek, Erin Roth Zifcheck, Angela Simon, Ramona Smith, Allison Thompson, Lauren Vanek, Leah Varner, Rebecca Wilding, Nicole Zaghet

Creighton University – Nu Tau Epsilon Chapter

2017 induction into Nu Tau Epsilon, Creighton University’s chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda was held on November 16, 2017. We try to make this student-oriented, so our Master of Ceremonies, John Rumbaugh,  was a 2015 inductee and one of our new inductees, Heidi Knofczynski, did a beautiful student reflection.  The Provost of Creighton University, Dr. Thomas Murray gave a warm welcome. As Chapter Councilor, I read each new inductee’s Biographical Sketch and thank you, while they stood between our Provost and our Dean to take a picture.

Dr. Heather Fryer, the Director of our American Studies Program, was our keynote speaker, delivering a presentation on St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order, who was once a non-traditional student. It was entitled, “Iggy the Man.”  We concluded the formal program with a closing reflection from Fr. Andy Alexander. We then had a reception for inductees and their friends and family and past inductees, providing them with appetizers and drinks.

George Fox University – Gamma Omega Delta Chapter

George Fox University 2017 Fall Inductees: Richard Chapin, Kerri Fry, Matthew Koslowski, Andrea Larsen, Traci Lee, Sterling McDonald, Travis Ramsby, Joshua Sprecher, Michelle Bergey, Danielle Carter, Desiree Everett, Erik Harrington, John Haslett, Charissa Hatten, Chris Hawkins, Brian Mullis, Matthew Schoblaske, Korey Watts, Wade Wilson, Jacob Wood

Drury University –  Alpha Xi Chapter

Drury University’s Alpha Xi Chapter inducted forty-one students into Alpha Sigma Lambda on November 5, 2017. In attendance at the induction ceremony were the following students: Stephanie Fuller, Deniece Green, Shayna Herbsleb, Allie Honeyfield, Melissa Keys, Ashlee Marlow, Scott Moore, Charline O’Neill, Joel Pickett, Tameka Podwoski, Ian Ross, Brian Shupe, Breanna Stevens, and Jacob Underwood

Full list of inductees: Ashlee Marlow, Scott Moore, Fredrica Norris, Charline O’Neill, Joan Persons, Joel Pickett, Tameka Podwoski, Ashton Porter, Sierra Redmond, Jane Robideau, Ian Ross, Amanda Salcido, Tatyana Schroeder, Brian Shupe, Megan Sierk, Sandra Somers, Alicia Speelman, Breanna Stevens, Jeanel Tomnitz, Jacob Underwood, Angela Wagner, Stephen Whitten, Annie Boggs, Crystal Bouse, Tammy Bowling, Tanya Brabble, Karl Burkhamer, Blake Duncan, Kristine Erb, Stephanie Fuller, Francisco Garcia, Mariangela Gordon, Deniece Green, Shayna Herbsleb, Amy Hoffmeister, Allie Honeyfield, Ronald Jones, Melissa Keys, Brittany Lewis, Blake Lindsey, Tatiana Lopez

Regis University

David Martinez, Stephen Maguina, Michelle Bereda, Phuing Cao

Campell University

Adriana Aleman, Connye Armilla, Chavinta Bickham, Alvin Bissette, Ryan Bofman, Katrina Bond, Aaron Borek, Brandon Bowden, Angel Brewer, Nickie Brown, Emanuel Burton, Michael Carson, Christopher Daniels, Amanda Dial, Elena Eichenseer, Sukhdev Farmah, Carl Forester, Scott Goss, Samone Gray, Mildred Gutierrez, Nicole Hall, Timothy Harris, Junior Jean Bradley, Jones, Danil Karandin, Gregory Koonce, Shane Kronstedt, Kyle Lautzenhiser, Typhany Lovdahl, Tammy, Matthews Douglas, Mayorga,  Jessica McDougald, Jessica McGrew, Jessica Morris, Kellyjohn Murray, Mylin Panek, Jeffrey Payne, Victor Pinon, John Ray, Chance Robison, Nicholas Schuch, Gabrielle Shaw, Bennett Simms, Tracy Simons, Britney Slaght, Tanya Strait
Stephanie Tenhundfeld, Denise Tevepaugh, Jason Tullier, Lucy Warren, Andrew Weger, William Welborn, Latonia Whitfield-Jones, Kera Winders, Tere Murphy

Mount. St. Mary’s University California

Jennifer Maria, Chopchik Marcela, Hannah Halliwell, Adam Picasso, Ivette Jackson, Courtnie Cotillo, Jesse Nativi, Diana De La Torre, Iris Zaldivar, Ginalyn Nacnac, Danielle Grashel, Maria Pelayo, Cendy Anaya, Daniel Aleman, Lindsey Luna, Marlon Murillo, Hana Rashad, Jacquelyn Urias-Morales, Jordan Avila, Edlin Figueroa

Dominican University Priory

Kristi Appelhans, Betty Boatwright, Staci Vazquez, Kelly O’Connor, Jerome Woods, Sara Doherty, Gricelydis Irizarry, Lisa Cook, Kristina Castro, Jasmine Moore

Tennessee Tech University

Savannah Alexander, Fahad Alharbi, Samantha Bales, Deanna Barrett, Zarte Fowler, Christin Gaul, Sonya Hruska, Christine Johnston, Bryson Kelpe, Dakota Key, Ruth Melendez, Cynthia Plemens, Matthew Pollack, Melissa Pryor, Maria Rios, Brittany Rittenberry, Elizabeth Rowe
Jeanine Smith, Gena Webb

Boston University Metropolitan College

Huyen Acevedo Nguyen, Nicole Conward, Susan Dillon, Kerri Dooley, Marina Katehis, Cheryl Maynard, Taylor Raiche, Renata Ribeiro, Kristine Sweetland, Maggie Tam, Rebecca Weizel, Marcus Williams, Cen-Yu Fang, Benjamin Deignan, Adron Gordon, Ilir Kumani, Abdulaziz Nur, Ignacio Ojanguren, Manuela Valencia, Myriam Walter

University of Utah

R. Warr

USC – Aiken

Amy Bates, Bridget Boling, Kristen Cochran, Jessica Crandall, Brandon McVey, Maya Pencheva, Anniebelle Quattlebaum, Christopher Spain, Sarah Stokely, Elizabeth Young

University of Wisconsin – OshKosh

Shavan Chalasane, Jesse Cuff, Jeramie DeSantos, Kelly Hanson, Dan Hofer, Kristine Howard, Darren Jorgenson, Sara Kvitek, Gao Lee, Aimee Mahler, Thomas Pitel, Desirae Thomaschefsky, Yvonne Wilkinson, Paige Zarate

Saint Peter’s University

Isaaida Carmona-Belliard, Amber Doreen, Myron Fairley, Cynthia Felder, Marilu Ferrer, Kia Highsmith, Diane Lang, Jaime Londono, Adam McKenzie, Janet Villanueva, Sally Vizueta

Oregon State University

Rebeka Phelps

The University of Missouri St. Louis

Rebecca Ketcherside-Burkard, Sally Sneed

Kennesaw State

Victoria Baker, Jennifer Bloodworth, Matt Sanchez, Joseph Johnson, Hector Alvarez
Mollett McCloud, Eric Betsil, Kim Turner, Kameal Byrd, Kelsey Dolan, Jennifer Billingsley, Joseph Reidy

King’s College

Meghan Colburn, Krysten Gabriel, John Leddie, Christopher Natale, Elizabeth Sitler, Ashley Warner, Edward Yonkoski

Concordia College-New York

Daniel Zambo, Sonja James, Jamila Lapponese, Janine Chiariello

Ohio University

Parker Chamberlin, Lonnie Deppen, Shawn Griffin, Joshua Hensley, Najet Miah, Anthony Pacherille, Michael Riolo, Andrew Schlichtemeier, Jesse Simmons, Matthew Winter

Park University

Steven Beckham, Kimberly Brewer, Jillian Dhone, Valerie Diaz, Daniel Duncan, Alvaro Enriquez, Mark Friend, Kali Fuchs, Timmy Gilder, Timothy Griffin, Lindsey Gruen, Waizheng He, Quinn Knabe, Rachael MacArthur, Stephan Newland, Samantha Patterson,Jessica Pham, Elizabeth Poirier, Samuel Quinn, Michelle Randall, Keith Renuard, Naomi, Rockafellow, Jason Sayre, Errin Sharp, Reah Andrews, Jason Guillory

Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda brings the camaraderie and prestige of America’s only chapter-based honor society for non-traditional students.

Learn about the benefits and advantages of having an Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter at your learning institution. Applying for Chapter Membership is quick and easy!

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