How much are chapter dues and when are they due?
 New chapter dues are $375, and then following this initial activation fee, yearly dues are $200. Invoices are sent out to the chapter counselor in the end of November each year and are due by January 1st of the next year. 

How long are the chapter dues good for?
Dues are good from January thru December of that same year.

How do I reinstate my chapter that is no longer active?
If your chapter has been inactive for longer than 2 years, you may become reinstated by completing the chapter application and paying either $200 for the current chapter dues, or $375 if you choose to order a podium banner and supply materials. Otherwise, the chapter will be reinstated once two years of dues ($400) are paid to the ASL home office. 

My chapter was just activated, and I am not quite sure what the next step is...
 The ASL website is an excellent resource to have your questions answered. It will also be beneficial to read through the ASL Constitution and By-Laws. If you need further assistance, please contact the ASL home office by emailing or by phone (217) 581-7106.

How do I choose a Greek name for my new chapter?
Once the new chapter application is received, a Greek name will be assigned to the chapter by the home office.   If there is a name that is preferential to the chapter, a request for that name can be sent to our office for consideration.

How long does it take to activate a new chapter?
Once the necessary paperwork (i.e. the new chapter application and constitution) has been received by the home office, the process of approval takes about two weeks. Once approved, your institution will be notified by email. Once the new chapter dues are received, we will send out the start-up materials and order a podium banner.

I am no longer a chapter counselor or I am the new chapter counselor and I want to change the contact information for my institution, what do I do?
 If you need to change your contact information, use our online Change of Information form. Simply fill out all of the necessary fields and press submit.