Chapter Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda

Membership shall comprise chapters of colleges and universities which offer undergraduate degrees and which are accredited by the regional associations.* 

Student Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda

Student members must have completed a minimum of twenty-four (24) graded semester hour credits or the equivalent** and shall be matriculated students in an undergraduate degree program in an institution that is regionally accredited in the U.S or recognized by the Ministry of Education of the country in which the program operates. These college credits may not include transfer credits. All twenty-four credits must be taken through and graded at the matriculating institution and must be included in the student’s cumulative GPA.

At least twelve credits of student’s total credits should be earned in courses in Liberal Arts/Sciences, not including applied Arts/Sciences courses. Accepted transfer courses may be added to the 24 credits earned at this institution until the Liberal Arts/Sciences requirements are fully satisfied.

Student members shall be selected from the highest twenty percent of the students who have twenty-four graded credits and are matriculated in an undergraduate degree program.

Student members selected must meet minimum GPA from your institution. The cumulative scholastic record of the student as interpreted by the institution where membership is to be conferred shall be the basis for computing scholastic eligibility.

Honorary Membership

Local chapters may elect faculty and administrative officers and staff to membership, provided that the number of such active members at any time shall not exceed twenty members or ten percent of the total membership of the chapter, whichever is larger. Faculty, staff, and administrative personnel shall be exempt from all student membership criteria as outlined in the student membership section of this constitution.

Please note that local chapters may impose higher standards for student membership than those stated in the ASL Constitution. Students invited to membership must meet the criteria of the local chapter into which they are being inducted.

Since most chapters hold only one formal induction ceremony per year, any student who graduates between ceremonies and who qualified for chapter membership at the time of their graduation, shall be considered an “active” student and eligible for induction at the next induction ceremony.

(*Middle States Association, North Central Association, New England Association, Northwest Association, Southern Association, or Western Association.)
(**Thirty-six quarter hours or an approved number of unit courses equal to twenty-four semester hours.)

Articles of Membership

Chapter Councilor