Our Founder

RollinPoseyIn 1945, Dr. Rollin Posey was Dean of the University College at Northwestern University. He had inherited an honorary named Alpha Sigma Lambda but not, it seemed, a history, constitution or bylaws. He decided to remake Alpha Sigma to serve the needs of his students. He invited students to attend a meeting in early January 1946 to "consider the establishment of an Honor Society, Alpha Sigma Lambda, in order that we may have some means of recognizing superior scholarship among our students. Apparently, the students liked the idea, and he drew up a proposed constitution. In it, he expanded on what he thought the Society should be. Its purpose, he wrote, was "to bind together into one Society the excellent students within the University College in order to provide a stimulus to and recognition for their worthy efforts to make best use of their college years." This language was still in ASL's constitution 20 years later.


Alpha Sigma Lambda, The First Sixty Years

ASL historian Judy Parr recounts the first 60 years of Alpha Sigma Lambda. Click here to download the PDF.