Letter from the Board | Fall 2020

Hi, Alpha Sigma Lambda Chapter Councilors and Members,

It is strange to think that a year ago, the Board of Officers were meeting in-person, planning for the upcoming year – including a 75th-anniversary celebration in fall 2020.  So much has changed since then. The pandemic and its subsequent effects have impacted so many of our members and institutions. 

Since its founding in 1945, the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society has supported and recognized adult students.  We see the sacrifices and challenges adult students face every day. Starting this spring, adult students face even more challenges, as campuses moved to online learning, children were suddenly home without daycare or school, and restrictions closed many companies and businesses, costing jobs- not to mention the general anxiety about COVID-19. Supporting and recognizing adult students is now more important than ever. 

Our staff at the Home Office have worked hard to accommodate these changes. In the spring, the Home Office extended the scholarship deadline and enabled Councilors to submit applications online, so that we could still award 14 scholarships.  The Board and Home Office put together a guide for conducting virtual induction ceremonies so that chapters could recognize inductees while campuses are closed, and allowed for chapters to purchase gift cards for inductees so that students could purchase their own items from the online store.  The Home Office and the Board are currently working on other ways to support our chapters and members through the current reality. 

Chapter Councilors, please contact the Home Office if you have any questions or concerns about managing your chapter during the current situation.  We are happy to help! 

Members, please contact your chapter councilors if you have any questions or concerns as well. Your Chapter Councilor is a great resource for information! 

Finally, with everything else going on, we really enjoy seeing your stories, your certificates, chapter events, and induction ceremonies!

Please continue to share with us on social media, so that we can share in your celebrations and accomplishments. 

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