The adult student is a growing part of American higher education because we live in a Lifelong Learning Society. Alpha Sigma Lambda, as the largest adult student honorary is committed to supporting adult students’ access to higher education.

Many university scholarship programs are not oriented to adult students so ASLHS is committed to help with this scholarship problem. Alpha Sigma Lambda has established adult scholarships to help meet this important need. Each year, Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society awards scholarships to adult learners who meet criteria, including a financial need for assistance to complete their degree. Funds for the scholarships come from sales of ASL merchandise, as well as individual donations to the scholarship funds. Our goal is to increase the number and/or amount of the scholarships given each year.

Please help us reach our goal by donating to these scholarships to support adult students to continue their education.

All donations are tax deductible.

Meet Some of Our Past Scholarship Recipients

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"The amazingly gracious assistance that I have been selected by the Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society will allow me to not only reach my goal of graduating this fall, but it gives me the courage to dream of bigger and better goals in my educational future."

"I am determined to make a difference in the lives of youth by being a positive influence and providing various resources to help them make better life decisions. Returning to school after all of these years has been no easy feat, however, I am sure the reward, in the end, will prove to be well worth it.”
“After graduation from Paul V. Moore High School in 2009, I enlisted in the United States Navy. Stationed in Norfolk, VA as a Helicopter Aircrewman. I participated in humanitarian relief, cargo/troops transport, and locating/disarming mines. After an honorable discharge from the Navy, I earned my bachelor’s in biology at SUNY Cortland.My future plans include earning my degree as a Physician Assistant.”

Learn more about the growing percentage of adults who are returning to college to earn their degree and how adult education is growing through the use of online programs.