Annual Scholarships

Alpha Sigma Lambda awards scholarships to assist adult learners financially while earning an undergraduate degree.

Alpha Sigma Lambda recognized the need for Adult learners who are seeking an undergraduate degree are in need of financial assistance. In most instances, earning a degree would not be possible without some kind of financial assistance.

Alpha Sigma Lambda currently sets a goal each year to award more scholarships and to increase the amount of the award.  In 1985, ASL awarded three scholarships at $500 each. In 2019, ASL awarded thirteen (13) scholarships at $3500 each.

Application Submission

Alpha Sigma Lambda is pleased to announce that for the 2020-21 academic year it will grant a total of fourteen (14) $3600 scholarships.

More information and downloadable Applications Materials for both Students and Chapters can be found here on our student scholarship page. Please submit a collated copy of the application to the Alpha Sigma Lambda chapter councilor at your institution. Allow sufficient time for review, verification and submission.