Common Questions for Students

How do I become a member?
 Induction into Alpha Sigma Lambda is done on an institutional level, meaning that each institution has their own set of specific criteria that must be met in order to receive an invitation to join. Membership into ASLHS is by invitation only by the chapter councilor at your institution. 

Who do I contact to become a member?
 If you have questions regarding membership criteria and eligibility, you may contact the chapter counselor at your institution. This information may be found in our chapter directory.

I was inducted and have not received my membership certificate, how do I get one?
Chapter counselors of each institution should be awarding a membership certificate and card to each new inductee. If this has not been awarded, please contact the chapter counselor of your institution. Individual students may not purchase membership certificates or cards, this must be done by the chapter counselor of the institution.

How can I stay connected with ASL following my induction?
 Alpha Sigma lambda can be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram  and Facebook. Find out more ways to Get Social on our website

What is the focus of Alpha Sigma Lambda?
 Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society is dedicated to the advancement of scholarship. 

What does Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society recognize?
 Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society recognizes the special achievements of adults who accomplish academic excellence while facing competing interests of home and work. 

Who is eligible for membership?
 The Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society extends membership to eligible undergraduate students. 

Are graduate students eligible for membership?

How do I obtain an Honor Cord or certificate?
 Honor Cords can be ordered directly from the Alpha Sigma Lambda online store ( The Membership Certificates are mailed to the member by the Chapter Councilor upon acceptance.

May I wear my Honor Cord at commencement?
Contact the commencement office at your institution for policies on wearing academic regalia at graduation.

What is the Scholarship application process?
Scholarship applications are posted on our website in January of each year.  The applicant must complete the application and return it to the chapter counselor at their institution by the deadline date determined by the chapter counselor.  The applicant does not need to be a member of ASL to apply for a scholarship.  The only requirement is that the institution you are attending must have an active ASL chapter.

I purchased an item from your store and it wasn't what I wanted. What is your return policy?
We are sorry that you were not satisfied with your purchase, and want to make it right. Refer to our full return policy here for complete details.

What are the membership dues?
Membership dues are determined by each institutional chapter. Please contact the chapter councilor at your institution for assistance.

How long is the membership for?
Membership into Alpha Sigma Lambda is a lifetime membership.

How do I contact my chapter institution?
Chapter councilor contact information may be found by going to

What will I receive once I become a member?
Membership certificates are issued by the chapter institution. Please keep your membership certificate for proof of membership.

Will I be issued a member number once I’ve been inducted?
No.  Member numbers are not issued to new inductees.

I've lost my membership certificate. How do I get a replacement copy?
Contact the chapter councilor at your institution for assistance. If the chapter is not located in the chapter directory, please contact us by emailing

May I transfer my membership to a different institutional chapter?
Yes, with the permission of the chapter councilor at the institution you are transferring to.

How do I stay connected with ASLHS and what opportunities are available for me after I graduate?
Staying connected with Alpha Sigma Lambda is easy.  Join our social networking groups by going our website and clicking on the icons at the top of the page.  Be sure to subscribe to our Mailing list as well.

How do I apply for an ASLHS Scholarship?
Each year in January, the scholarship packets will be available on our website. To be eligible, you must attend an institution that currently has an active ASLHS chapter. However, you do not have to be a member of ASLHS.   If you do not know if your institution has an ASLHS chapter, you may do a search in our directory by going to