Tanika Woodard | 2019 Scholarship Recipient

“I am a native of Mobile, Alabama, and I have been pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Mobile​. This scholarship will allow me to afford to student teaching this coming academic year. After graduation, I plan to obtain a degree in Counseling. I was also inducted into our Iota Eta Sigma Lambda in January 2019.”

Alpha Sigma Lambda awards scholarships to assist adult learners financially while earning an undergraduate degree. Make a donation and help support students like Tanika Woodard on their academic journeys. Learn more about Alpha Sigma Lambda Scholarships here.


  • Tanika Woodard

    I am truly honored to be a part of this great organization.

  • Franchie McMillian

    I’m so proud of you my beautiful friend, KEEP SOARING 🦅🦅 Love you to pieces Sis 😘

  • Kizzy

    Wow I’m not surprised at all cause you have always been smart and on your game…. The sky is the limit my sister… Love you and so proud of you and all of your success

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